Assigning permissions to an Azure AD Application

The new Azure Portal ( has been up and running for quite some time.  We’re finally seeing some Azure AD love in the new portal, albeit still in preview.  This walkthrough is about how to assign Azure AD application permissions in the new portal. This post assumes that you’ve already created your Azure AD Application.  […]

Automate the creation of an Azure AD Application

Creating a new application inside of Azure AD is a pain.  First, you have to go to the portal, then create the application itself, and then assign the necessary permissions.  Depending on what type of service you want to access, you then need to either create a Client Key or upload a certificate.  If you […]

Intro to the Microsoft Graph .NET Client Library

A month or so ago, the Microsoft Graph .NET Client Library was released.  Working with the Graph client has largely been direct web requests up until now, so the client library is a welcome addition.  However, as I started to explore the library, I discovered that finding documentation was a bit challenging.  This is a […]

Application hang when executing AuthenticationContext.AcquireTokenAsync

Introduction Recently, a fellow Microsoft Premier Field Engineer reached out to me to ask for some assistance in solving a problem that he had encountered while working with a customer that was building an MVC based SharePoint add-in that was attempting to access Azure Active Directory via the Azure Graph API.  The customer had code […]

Getting started with the Azure Active Directory Graph Client Library

Background Microsoft has recently released the Azure Active Directory Graph Client Library for .NET.  This library wraps up the Azure Active Directory Graph API, making it much simpler to use for .NET developers.  I’ve been working with a non-profit lately in their Office 365 environment and we’ve been building an application that delegates user management […]